We are the Church

When we commit ourselves to God’s work, miraculous things are possible.

Your giving allows us to do the most good with the resources entrusted to us. Congregational giving makes up 96% of our annual operating budget. Your commitment supports our ministries and our impact.

Campaign Goal: $3,500,000


$770,000 (22%)

Ministry of Worship & Music

Worship is the heart of Trinity’s life and mission. Worship roots us in God and replenishes us for service.

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$1,160,000 (33%)

Ministries of Mission and Congregational Care

We make God’s love visible by reaching out in care for one another and God’s world.

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$840,000 (24%)

Ministries to Children, Youth and Adults

Through relational, relevant, and accessible ministries, we grow and thrive as disciples.

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Flowing Waters

$730,000 (21%)

Property and Administration 

Our campus helps us to worship, learn, serve, and show hospitality to our community.

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As we come into our first fall together, I have had the encouraging words of the prophet Isaiah rattling around in my head. God is already doing a new thing, bringing us into a new season of ministry. It’s a life-giving season, with springs of water to refresh us and a path for us to follow.

We have available to us everything we could need: God’s everpresent grace, devoted and compassionate members, talent and expertise galore, a strong history on which to stand, financial resources, and a beautiful, inviting campus to enjoy.

Our opportunity is to bring all of that together, to share it with gratitude and joy so that we might be like those springs of water, bringing new life to our community.


Rev. Rebekah LeMon,
Senior Pastor​

We have waited a long time for this new season to begin. This year is ripe with opportunity to engage more deeply in the life of our church. I am excited to imagine what we will achieve now that we have blown out the stumps and planted new seeds to flourish.

Caroline Brown,
Campaign Co-Chair

My financial commitment to Trinity is the most important donation I make among many worthy causes. I consider every penny we spend to be part of our participation in God’s mission in a world in need of the good news of Jesus Christ.

Dave Higgins,
Campaign Co-Chair