2023 Budget + 2024 Needs

When we commit ourselves to God’s work, miraculous things are possible.

Your giving allows us to do the most good with the resources entrusted to us. Congregational giving makes up 96% of our annual operating budget. Your commitment supports our ministries and our impact.

Campaign Goal: $3,750,000

Mission & Outreach (20%)

Expanded advocacy, education, and anti-hunger initiatives.

Nurture & Connection (19%)

New community wellness and recreation ministry for all ages.

Worship & Music (19%)

New worship and music opportunities.

Campus Stewardship & Security (23%)

Finish renovations and budget for ongoing maintenance.

Admin, Finance, & Technology (19%)

New database and communications platform.

As we move Forward in Faith, we hear the prophet Jeremiah, reminding us that God holds our future and calls us to it.

It gives me great comfort to remember that God has always had plans for our future. And plans for our well-being at that! Discernment of God’s call never ends, but we have some concrete objectives ahead of us in the coming year that require resources. May we all commit to regular worship, learning, fellowship, active love of neighbor, and joyful financial support of the work God is doing here.

Rebekah esignaturewhite

Rev. Rebekah LeMon,
Senior Pastor​

The first time I attended worship at the First Presbyterian Church in Cartersville (much like the first time I attended Trinity), I walked into a vibrant, fully functioning church. The lights were on; the air was cool; a sermon was preached; the choir sang; and worship was a wonderful experience. And it cost me nothing. It could have gone on costing me nothing if I so chose. I could have attended worship and engaged in all the other church activities indefinitely without contributing anything. After all, most members would have no idea if I gave anything; those who did most likely would not have asked me to leave if I never ponied up.

But I made the choice to give.

  • To honor the faith and sacrifice of those who went before to make the church what it is, I give.
  • To support fellow church members and the growth of the faith community, I give.
  • To help support church ministries, both inside and outside the church walls, I give.
  • To help provide a comfortable place for praise and worship, I give.
  • To help maintain church facilities so that the church can more effectively carry out its mission, I give.
  • Because I have a personal responsibility to support the church I attend, I give.
  • Because giving is an act of spiritual discipline, I give.
  • Because giving is an act of worship, I give.

Stan Tilley,
2024 Commitment Campaign Co-Chair

What is giving? To me, giving is a spiritual discipline and an act of worship. As I grow in my relationship with God, it’s a natural response of gratitude. And when we come together and give, it creates a powerful sense of community.

Trinity is a place to gather, celebrate, and support one another. The act of giving not only supports the church but also strengthens our bonds within the congregation and surrounding community. As I think about many of life’s joyous moments—my children’s baptisms, weddings and Christmas pageants, and too many funerals, I am reminded of what Trinity means to me. It is a place I turn to in both good and bad times.

Moving forward in faith requires acknowledging the blessings we have received and embracing the responsibility of stewardship. By giving to the church, we express our gratitude for the abundance in our lives and our commitment to using those blessings to make a positive impact. Just as God promises a future with hope, our giving fosters an environment where those promises can be fulfilled.

Melissa Moseley,
2024 Commitment Campaign Co-Chair