Here are some helpful things to be aware of upon arrival to make the check-in process seamless for both you and your child.  

  • All adults (including staff) and children 4 years old and up are required to wear masks inside the building. If your child is younger than 4 years old and parents would like them to wear a mask, we will help encourage them!
  • Please check your child’s temperature prior to arrival. If anyone is sick, we ask you stay at home and enjoy our virtual offerings.
  • Check in at Kiosks in Building D entry. You will receive name tags for your child, their diaper bag as well as a coded sticker to match. Hold onto the coded sticker to turn it in at pick up. *Sometimes these kiosks can be difficult. In that case, there will be handwritten name tags available.
  • To help keep everyone safe, parents should NOT enter the classrooms. Instead, wait at the door to be greeted by a childcare staffer who will take your diaper bag and welcome your child inside to get acquainted and play.
  • Follow the same process at pick up: Wait at the door and a childcare staff person will help your little one clean up and check out. Have your coded sticker ready to turn in to expedite the process.
  • We don’t have snacks or drinks inside the building and we ask that you not bring your own.
  • If infants need a bottle while with us, parents should have it pre-made upon arrival and let Ms. Lucille know. If the bottle is not pre-made, it will not be given by our staff.
  • Childcare staff will help children age appropriately with bathroom breaks and frequent hand washing. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Ms. Elizabeth, Director of Children’s Ministry, or ask your child’s classroom staff person. We look forward to welcoming your child with a fun, safe, and love-filled atmosphere!