Why Infrastructure, Why Now?

As a community of faith, we are always searching for opportunities to deepen our engagement with one another. With more and more people returning to in-person worship, and a whole new audience of streaming viewers, we’re investing in the structures that make God’s love visible (and audible!), as well as the spaces where we gather in worship.

The plan is to tackle some of the longstanding deferred maintenance needs at the church, and to invest in infrastructure like streaming technology, AV and lighting, and improved security. New screens, speakers, and hearing aid solutions will ensure that God’s message is accessible and resounds in all corners of our church.

This work would not be possible without the support of our church members. Particularly in times of uncertainty, we believe that generosity is the only antidote to fear and scarcity. Your giving supports our programs and ministries, and is the foundation upon which our community is built. The church is a vessel, and by investing in it, we all become more effective stewards of God’s love. Together, we’re moving forward into Trinity’s future.

Key Dates

Williams Hall Renovations from May 3rd to July 17th

  • July-August: 10am single service in Williams Hall
  • September-October: 9am service in the Loft | 11am service in Williams Hall

Sanctuary Renovations from July 19th to October 31st

  • November 6th: 11am service returns to the Sanctuary
  • November 10th: Kittrell Lecture with Bryan Stevenson event

Committee Members

David Caldwell, Chair
Margaret Reiser, Co-Chair
Caroline Brown
David Merritt
Karen Simmons

Molly Faircloth
Mark Stancil
Esther Stokes
Hank Hall

Scope of Projects


If you have questions, please contact Lucy Strong by email at lstrong@trinityatlanta.org to schedule a time to talk.