Our Beliefs

As people of faith, we lament the violence and systemic racism that permeate our society, including the church. We stand with our Black and Brown brothers and sisters in our commitment to working for the equitable, just, and merciful world that God envisions. We remember that all are created in God’s image and we strive to fulfill the commandment to love God with all our hearts, souls, and minds, and to love our neighbor as we love ourselves.

Our History

In November 1957—three years after the Supreme Court issued its ruling in Brown v. Board of Education—Trinity’s founding pastor, Rev. Allison Williams, and 79 other white clergymen published a “Manifesto on Racial Beliefs” in the Atlanta Constitution newspaper.

This “Ministers’ Manifesto” asserted that all Americans had a right to the full privileges of “first-class citizenship.” Trinity School would go on to become the first independent school in the Atlanta area to be integrated.

Much has happened since then, but our world still has not realized racial justice. Trinity stands in solidarity with our Black and Brown brothers and sisters in anger and despair as we demand change. We know that we must live this commitment between moments of crisis. We commit to working toward lasting change and will hold ourselves accountable day to day and week to week.

Trinity’s congregation and leadership continue to engage with sermons and classes that promote dialogue and understanding. We seek partnerships and mission opportunities that promote racial and economic justice in our communities.

During the late 1990s, Trinity helped to develop the Agape Community Center, an agency devoted to addressing economic and educational inequality in neighboring Black and Brown communities.

Trinity currently works with more than twenty other nonprofit organizations that focus on building capacity, advocacy, and programming in the areas of human services, education, justice, and sustainability.

We recognize that we must listen and be led as we pursue a more just and loving world for all of God’s children.

At the center of all that we do is God’s commandment to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. It is a journey to which we are steadfastly committed. We hope that you will join us.

Help us support the Georgia Justice Project

Georgia Justice Project is a community partner that strengthens communities by demonstrating a better way to represent and support individuals in the criminal justice system and reduce barriers to reentry. GJP promotes innovative change through direct legal representation, policy advocacy, education, and coalition building.